Trails Gone

More green that white now.

I stopped at the park this morn to assess the damage further. Huge grass gaps in the trail. Not repairable. But I dont think it will take much to bring it back. The exposed ground will freeze up again. Really, only the areas exposed to the sun melted fast. The remaining snow seems workable. I might work it up sometime later this week. That would help when the next snow comes. Which is not in the 10 day. Of course.

On the right is the beach today. On the left is the pic I took last Friday. Pretty close to the same spot. Sometime this week I will hit up the beach for a before work ride.

Im not sure how the woods riding will be. I’ll assume lots of ice but the snow should be pretty hard and much easier to ride on than last week which was near impossible. Im almost thinking of calling out the beach tonite. Beach riding at nite is a blast. If not tonite then soon for sure.

So all the ski rentals come to a screeching halt. Ski sales slow a bit too but thats to be expected right after Christmas. I put in a restocking order for skis and snowshoes but kept it conservative. And I can complain about the lack of snow and snow sales but its really still early. We have a lot of winter to go.

I need to keep reminding myself of that.


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