The Day After

Its Monday. The day after Christmas. Its near 50 degrees. We got almost an inch of rain last nite. I checked the trails this morning and its terminal. The trails are too far gone to bring back. It’s going to get below freezing later today and stay that way but its too late.

I have a huge pond in my yard\driveway that will freeze solid tonite. Get out the ice skates.

So we had about 5 days of good skiing. Maybe two days of not so good skiing. And now nothing.

I did get out Saturday morn for a quick lap. The snow was already very soft but ski able. That was my third time out on the ski’s and ties my lasts years number. I know its early in the year but Im pretty bummed. We had great trails. The kind that would last until spring. They could have taken a little rain and a few days abouve freezing no problem. But 50 degrees and rain was no match.

One consolation is that we have the beach back. All the ice and snow from Friday’s pic is gone. All gone. Its bare sand up to the grass. Once it re freezes we could ride that again.

Aa far as the Holiday, my wife worked till 3 so we did everything when she got home.So I had the day all too myself, kinda. By then the snow was too soft for me to ski it so I really did nothing else except watch football on the TV all day. It was a nice quiet night with kids and grandkids.

Was kinda weird having Christmas off on a day I would have had off anyway.

Today its back to work and getting ready for the gift return stampede.

That’s all I have for today. Hope you all had a great Holiday!


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