Getting Better

Crappy Beach

Not sure what’s up for the weekend. 35+ degrees has us out of the woods. And as you can see the beach is crap right now too. The roads are dry today but 2 or so inches of wet snow is supposed to fall tonite making the morning ride messy. I’ll pass if the roads are wet.

Sunday into Monday is in the 40’s and rain. NWS says maybe up to a half an inch of it. That would put the ski trails in jeopardy. But we are also looking at maybe two inches overnight as I said and maybe that will help hold what snow we have. We can only watch and hope.

 I had my skis out for the second time this morning and Im getter better. The form is coming back to me. The next time I get out in the woods with the ski’s will tie my total from last year. And that might be tomorrow, if the roads are wet.

I get such a workout on the ski’s.

Everyone wonders how I can be so heavy with all the bike riding I do. That’s because when you do one thing a lot, with just that one motion your body gets very efficient at it. It’s hard for me to burn enough calories on a bike to lose weight. Sure, I can ride a lot harder and burn more but thats tough for me to do.

But skiing is a whole new motion and man can I feel it. Im just shuffling around and Im sweating up a storm. My body is working so much harder than on the bike and its noticeable. In the summer I can just walk for 30 minutes and work up a sweat. Even walking by body is working harder than on the bike.

But I have such crappy knees that Im limited to what else I can do. Even now when I ski, I have two knee braces on and today before I headed out I took some Ibuprofin. I almost never do that.

But it help and gets me on the ski’s and getting on the ski’s is good for me. I hope to do it as much as I can. To day I felt as tho I could have done two laps if I had the time. Something to work up to I guess.

With this upcoming weekend being the Holiday weekend my time outside will be limited anyway. But with my wife working Christmas we are doing most of the stuff later in the day so I will have the morning open. If its not raining yet maybe another ski will be in order….

Have a good Holiday weekend. Get outside (with family and friends).


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