Snow Day

Saturday morn.

Its 9am in the store. We dont open till 11 today but Im waiting on some help to arrive so I can get out to the park and groom. Officially 11 inches fell Fri\Sat. Then yesterday it was below zero so I opted to wait until noon today to groom as it will be near 10 degrees. Temps will moderate at will be in the upper 20’s close to 30 the rest of the week.

Pretty much perfect for ski sales and rentals. This weekend we will be rented out for sure.

So Saturday just me and another showed up for the group ride and we had a good time. At the time we had about 8 inches on the ground and it was snowing like crazy. It was just a road ride out to the park but took us a full hour and a half to go 13 miles. We got mostly a thumbs up from the cars except for just a few. One guy stopped, rolled down his window and asked what kind of light I had on the back of the bike. He said he could see the Bontrager Flare R lite a half mile away (in the snow) and was impressed.

Sunday turned out as expected. Below zero had me stay in and watch football. I did go out for coffee tho..  Some of the group grabbed snowshoes and spent time working in the trails for the fat bikes. I wish I could join them but my bad knees would not take that kind of abuse. I saw some pics and it sure looked like they had a good time. And was quite a head start on riding in the trails too.

Im seeing a lot of pictures from both Hayward and Marquette. Looking good. Maybe a quickie weekend up to Marquette right after the Holidays. Leave early Saturday and back late Sunday. Maybe.

My next ride will be tomorrow nite. Not sure where. Depends on where the trails are run in the best. After I groom today I might just grab the ski’s for a quick lap in the morning.I’ll have to remember to wear my knee braces. With the snow we got I cant wait to see how well the trails groom up. Could be the best since 2012.

So that was my weekend. By my next post on Wednesday I could have one ski and one bike ride under my belt. I hope so.


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