Ride Groomed.

I did not ride this morn. I really should have. With the snow coming…then bitter cold who knows when the next time will come. I will give tomorrow morning some consideration but 3\4th into the blizzard will make it hard to ride even on the road. Heck, Im not even sure I will get out of the driveway in the morning.

The snow should start right about noon today and last until noon tomorrow. The below zero Sunday and Monday. So maybe the Tuesday nite ride?

Even if the temps are better, the snow will be deep in the woods and will take several days to get run in good enough for a fat guy like me to enjoy.


Everybody thinks fatbike riding is over the river and thru the woods. Ride in the deepest snow you can find. So the fatter the tire the better. For me its riding the groomed trail. Flowy and as fast as summer..

This pic is from up in Marquette,MI. The NTN was the first in the midwest, if not the country to groom for fat bikes in winter. They made their own groom sled to pull. You can see in this pic they have to deal with a ton of snow up there. In fact they made that V-plow groomer you see there to try and get snow OFF the trail so the second snowmobile can groom it. These guys are pioneers.

Then you have the CAMBA guys up in Hayward\Seeley\Cable,WI. Those guys are into grooming pretty deep too. And overall have more trail mileage than Marquette. While NTN had a head start on everybody in the bike grooming dept, CAMBA has a lot of grooming experience as most of them also groom the Birkebeiner ski system up there so grooming snow is what they do. So fat biking just fell into their laps and they ran with it. To date the Fat Bike Birkie is the biggest race in the world with over 1000 bikes. Trust me, there are not a lot of trail systems, ski or bike, that can handle 1000 bikes at once.

So between the Marquette NTN and Haywards CAMBA we have the standards for which others are judged by just 5 hours or less away. Pretty much all of my biking weekends, either summer or winter, is to these two areas. And in fact Im looking to move to one of them when I retire.

Im not sure if we will have anything like that here. The local MTB club has purchased a Rokon and a groomer to pull. They are now having issues trying to use it on State land that I hope can get ironed out.

There is other smaller trails that get groomed too like Reforestation Camp up in Green Bay. And Levis Mound in Neillsville. Ive never been to those places on snow but hope to soon.

So give me a nice groomed trail and I’ll follow you anywhere.

Speaking of grooming, this snow later today should make the ski trails pretty damn near perfect. I might try to groom Sunday around noon depending on temp. Most likely be too cold. Im thinking Tuesday morn in the teens.

Have a good weekend.


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