Its Wednesday. It’s cold. Won’t get out of the single digits today. Caught one of the last ships to pass thru before the winter shut down. The US Wilfred Sykes is usually one of the last ships to hang it up for winter. Here its heading for Sturgeon Bay where they stack up a bunch of these big ships for layover. Waiting to return to work in spring.

At the store its all ski’s now. Well, mostly ski’s. I have waxed at least 20 pairs of them this week so far. and still have to do the rental fleet. That’s 15 more. I’ve already waxed more skis than all of last year. The skiing is going to be good this winter and like I said yesterday, the trails are already in better shape than all of last winter. And we have 6 or so inches coming Friday\Saturday.

Two wax tables going.

I have not been on the fat bike in the snow since Sunday. It’s been pretty cold. As I get older my tolerance for cold is waning a bit. Maybe a little. Again, I can do single digits during the day but at night is a new ball game. I passed on last night’s night ride and will most likely pass on Thursday too. And then Friday to Saturday morn is more snow and we have to start all over again with the trails… sometimes too much snow is a issue but I won’t say that out loud. Don’t want to jinx it.

Im starting to think about my trips to the great white north. December is half over and starting in January it game on with trips to both Marquette and Hayward in the works. I would love to do both twice and thats like every other weekend in January and Feb. Not to sure I can pull that off. Both logistical and monetary.

Id better get going. Those ski’s are not going to wax themselves.


Wa da ya think?

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