S N O W !

Out grooming this morn.

The snow the weather dudes said was coming came. They were spot on with the call out for 6 to 8. I got up early today to get the park’s first groom on and it turned out pretty good and will only get better with each time now. I might just get a lap in tomorrow before work and before it get too cold. Single digits coming in later in the week but back up to teens by the weekend,

Saturday morn

Saturdays break fast ride was really the first on the beach in two years. That’s just so much more fun that a road ride. Mostly all MTB’s as a fat bike is hard to pull off with the amount of road we do, but some can do it. I can’t.

If you read this you know I have been going back and forth on what bike to ride this winter and late Friday afternoon I made an executive decision and stripped the 920 of its racks and bags and will use that since we are going to have some beach this winter.


And here it is in winter mode. 2.0 tires are perfect for the beach. And as a bonus Im back on disc brakes. So all is good.

Or you would think. Saturday when we got to the restaurant to eat breakfast I noticed one of my tires was going soft. Not flat but just a little soft.Since it was 15 degrees out I decided to not change the tube and just stock up on CO2 for on the way home. The leak seemed slow. So the others headed back to the beach for the ride home I stayed on the road to get home faster. I had 3 CO2’s with me. Should be no problem. Or so I thought.

Making a long story short I fell 4 miles short of the 15 mile ride home. There I sat with my education. No more air so I rode it home on the rim. I got 5mph to work and that was a lot faster than I could walk. The tire was still on the bead so the rim survived no problem but the tire did not and that was fine by me as I wanted to change it anyway.

But it was slow going and made for a crappy group ride for me but shit happenes.

I have now since aired up some different tires tubeless so hopefully that will help.


Sunday a few of us grabbed the fatties and headed out to the woods. It was tough sledding for a big guy but after 6 or 7 passes it was totally rideable for me. Not to fast but still was fun. First tracks in snow is always a great ride. I am looking forward to a great winter of riding and skiing. We got about 7 or 8 inches of snow and more is coming in about 5 or so days. I sure hope we have a great winter as we got passed over last year.

Bring it!


Wa da ya think?

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