Winter Riding Go

I went ahead with my plan to take the carbon rims off the pink winter bike. Threw on a old set of Reynolds someone had laying around. Now when I hit the brakes the bike acually stops. Much more braking power. And maybe not now needed.

We are all set to hit the beach Saturday morn on the group ride. I hope the 40c tires are big enough to hold me up on the sand. If its frozen there is not a issue but the sun can soften up the sand even on the coldest day and that spells trouble for me. I lot of guys are on old (or newer) MTB’s and can run bigger tires. I dont have a MTB so its the 40c tire of the pink bike or the fatbike. Which would be bad too as the 70% of the ride will still be road. So I take the bike that helps me for 70% of the ride for sure and take a chance on the beach.

If I need more float then I just gotta bite the bullet and prepare my 920 for winter use. With 29 by 2.0’s


This morn (Friday) I did a beach ride with a few others. We have only 5 miles of open beach before we lose it to high water and rocks. But its 5 more miles than last year so I wont complain. Its enough for a quick ride in the morning before work.

We will be on the same beach tomorrow morn and as I type this I am considering the 920 with the MTB tires. The beach was plenty froze but had a couple inches of dry sand on top. I might struggle with the cross bike. But then it could be completely different tomorrow morn. I’ll have to make a executive decision on what bike to use this winter. When I built the pink bike I was aware that the beach was going to be ridable. The high water line has kept us off two years now. But even with the 5 miles of available beach that kinda changes things and tell me to prep the 920.

Ive got a few sets of ski’s to wax today. If I get those done in time maybe I will work on that  bike.

The talk of the town is the impending snow the weather dude say is coming. 4 to 8 is the prediction here. I’ll believe it when I see it. The 10 day outlook shows three separate systems coming thru. We could be skiing after that. I hope so.

Have a good weekend.

PS: We saw the eagle this morn and I didn’t take a picture of it. It was hard to resist tho.


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