As fast as winter arrived it has left. For Tuesday anyway. 40 degrees this morn and any snow we had is gone but we knew that would happen. Must be patient.

Tuesday 845am

Another eagle in the eagle tree Tuesday morn. Or is it the same one? He\she kept his\her head down as the winds were gusting maybe 25mph here.  Anyway, thats 3 times in just over a week in the same tree. I’ll stop with the eagle pics tho….

Tuesday 850am

Random pic of rays of light over the lake. Between that and the eagle its all I could find today. I decided not to do the Tuesday nite ride tonite. Standing water all over the place says its too muddy. It will be froze by this time tomorrow. I can wait.

Woke up this morn (Wednesday) to 21 degrees. Looks like its  going to stay below the freezing mark for the next 10 days. Ground should be frozen by now.

I havent posted much about ships lately. They just have not been on my side of the lake as much. Not sure why. But today I got a treat.

The Virginiaborg from the Netherlands came by so close you could see people on the ship with the naked eye. Almost seemed too close. Heading to Chicago this morn. Only the second time I caught a Federal ship passing by. You can tell it came from across the ocean by the escape pod on the back. Of course Great Lakes ships do not have them. I followed it for almost 45 minutes before work today.

Speaking of work, have had a good spell of ski’s heading out the door. And its going to snow Sunday so Im going over my winter inventory today to fill some holes. Its go time in that respect. And I like waxing ski’s. It’s fun.

Like I said, I skipped the Tuesday nite ride and now Im skipping the Thursday nite ride also. I’ll be attending a meeting with the local bike club about winter grooming the bike trails. The club has purchased a Rokon and has plans to groom both our local park here in town and the State trails we ride on too. I hope all go’s well with that.

I am planning on a Friday morn beach ride with a few guys. Also it looks like the Saturday morn group ride might be on the beach a bit also. The real winter riding has just started. Im just happy there’s no more mud.


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