Winter has finally arrived here. Sunday it snowed. To the point that grass is covered and everything is white(ish). Not a big deal but its a start. Today and tomorrow will be in the upper 30’s but from then on out it looks like lows in the teens and highs in the 20’s.

Really what we need more than snow is the ground to freeze. And its not even close yet. But it looks hopeful as the light snow we have will melt a bit during the day and freeze at nite. Then in a few days it will be cold enough to freeze it pretty good. Then bring on the snow as every flake will then count.

Saturday morn.

We had a pretty good Saturday group ride. One of the stronger riders in the group brought his fatbike and proceeded to pull us at 22mph pretty much all day. Thats nuts. No way could I do that. He rode me off his wheel and I had a cross bike with 80 pounds of pressure in the tires. But really a lot of guys in the group could not pull that off. Huge respect to the fat bike guy.

So now that winter is here several things will happen. One) I will take off my 29+ wheels and sell them. Putting on the stock carbon Wampa’s with 4in tires. Like driving around with my ski poles in the car rack, the switching of fat bike wheels is a landmark day in my store. Signaling that I have in fact, recognized that winter has started.


And two) I will take off the hitch rack off my car and from now on put the bike on the roof. I saw a county plow out this morn and had salt in the bed, so now that there’s salt on the road, or salt on the road real soon so the bike it now hauled up on the roof and out of the way of winter road crap.

And so now Im in full winter mode so bring it on.

Looking at the 10 day we do have some snow chances coming up. Nothing crazy but its a start. Would be nice to have frozen ground and a few inches already when that big one might come.

Im already looking into the future for fat bike weekends. Jan 22nd is an event in Hayward. Just a week later on Jan 28th there’s a event in Marquette. Im pretty sure I cant do both. But how cool would it be to go the Hayward for a few days and then drive straight to Marquette for a few days. That would be quite a week. And not reality.

Hitch rack comes off.

I will plan on the Tuesday nite ride this week but the Thursday nite ride is iffy. But I might want to go if the ground is froze making the trails super fast. Maybe even a little snow to crunch on. Tomorrow’s high temp of almost 40 might make the trails a bit muddy and in that case I’ll pass and wait till Thursday to ride.

Also when winter weather arrives any morning rides I do will now be MTB and not road (cross) for the most part. A cold morning now might call for a beach ride. I can’t wait.

Some say fall riding may be the best but winter riding gives fall riding a run for its money in my book.

Bring it on.


Wa da ya think?

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