Its time for the Friday post and I can’t think of anything to say. So I’ll start with a funny pic and then a funny story. First, I got this text app that lets me send and receive texts on my computer. I like it as I hate typing on my phone. This app also comes with this weird photoshop thingie. So, since I have the time, I do stuff like this… moving on…


So last nite I did the Thursday nite ride. After the extra help showed up at the store I went in the bathroom and changed into my riding clothes and left about two hours early.

This morning I get to the store and open. About a hour later I hit the bathroom only to find my underwear on the floor. Forgotten when I changed last nite. So the store was open two hours last nite and a hour this morn with my undies on the bathroom floor. I know nobody went in there today but the last two hours last nite is unknown. Talk about creepy if someone used it yesterday.

The Thursday nite ride was OK. A little wet which made things a bit more white knuckle and slower. That makes it harder for me as I cant build up momentum when I need it. So the climbs were a bit harder and I sure felt it. But still fun to get out. The ground was mushy and Im looking forward to some super fast frozen ground rides. Soon one would think.

On Wednesdays post…. Im going to borrow a aluminum wheelset from someone to use. That will help a ton with my braking power issue.

I’ll give it a test tomorrow on the group ride. Its going to be the coldest one yet at around 30 degrees. Which is fine by me. Last nite the temp at ride time was upper 30’s and I again over dressed. I just dont have the correct clothing for the upper 30’s or around 40 degrees.

I seem to have a gap in those temps. Either I gatta overdress or underdress. I usually choose over. And like last nite, sweated off a few pounds. And then get so cold when Im done being so wet. Not a lot of fun. But a road ride at 30 degrees will be just fine if I dress than same as I did last nite.

Ski poles on car. 24\7

Looking at the 10 day, next Wednesday is the first day of winter showing up. Lows in the teens, highs in the 20’s. Chance of snow. I can’t wait. And winter weather is coming cuz I put my ski rack on the car. And even threw my poles on it. Signaling to the snow Gods its go time. Next up is taking the 29+ off the Farley and putting the fat tires on. I’ll do that this weekend. Then…. things will get wintery for sure!

So thats about it. For me, group ride on Saturday, Sunday on the MTB. That’s the plan every weekend ongoing. Have a good weekend and get outside.


Wa da ya think?

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