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A spectator this morn.

Finally got in a ride. The beach was amazing this morn. Hard as rock and easy pedaling. I could have went up to 15psi pretty easy. I was pretty close at 12. 22 degrees with the sun was no problemdscn5405em. In fact I still have not worn my Bontrager boots. Im still wearing my Shimano MW7’s which is just a real heavy shoe.

I dont break out the Bontys until its under 20 degrees. Tomorrow’s Saturday morning group ride will be over 30 degrees. My feet would be sweatballs wearing the boots.

With the mild winters we have been having I end up wearing the Bonty boots maybe 10 times a winter.The rest with the Shimano shoes.

The crew today.

Today I tried out a helmet cover. It really helped. I was pretty warm and acually took it off on the way back. In years past I’ve always tried a winter helmet but found them too warm so I thought a helmet cover would be nice on the really cold days. Next time its in the teens I will use it again. Everyone makes fun of it calling it a shower cap. They’re mean.

With the crappy icy woods Im pretty happy to at least have the beach back. If you look behind us on this pic you can see where the water line was last year to our left. There literally was no beach. Its return is very welcome.

This video was taken maybe 2008 or so. Before we had fat bikes.

In fact tomorrow’s group ride might just be on the beach without a fat bike to be found. While a fatty would be great for the beach there is just too much road involved on that ride for me to pull off a fat bike. However, some have done so successfully but those riders are far and few. So tomorrow’s ride will be mostly MTB’s.


So yesterday I ripped off the MTB tires from the 920 and put on some 42c tires so I can put the fenders back on. It just seemed to rub me the wrong way and today Im putting it back the way it was. I do shit like this a lot. Completely build up a bike and decide I dont like it for whatever reason and take it all apart.again.

In this case I just think Im better off with the wider MTB tires for the winter. I can’t run the fenders then but so what. I have some clip ons I can use. So back to this vertion it goes.


With the new lack of snow the store is a bit slower and I can do the entire ride tomorrow. That always makes for a good Saturday.

As usual, I have no plans for New Years Eve and its been that we for years. Then on Sunday I head up to Green Bay to visit my Mom. Then hurry home to watch the Packers Sunday nite.

And thats whats up this weekend. Have a good one.


Ship Day

Not much going on in the bike world. I didnt ride last nite. The woods was just too icy. Then I had the thought of hitting the beach this morn, then just could not get out of bed fast enough. I did walk the beach a bit this morn. It was rock hard but crazy windy. But was like a highway. Friday morning for sure….

So how about a ship day. Today was a rare day indeed as I saw two ships within eyeshot.


Here is the Stewart J Cort. The Cort is one of less than a handful 1000 ft ships. Or “footers” as they are called. Very limited to ports that can fit in. The long ships mostly run iron ore from Duluth down to the Indiana steel mills. It was pretty far out there this morn. Hard to see with the naked eye. One or two of these ships winter up in Sturgeon Bay,WI but they dont fit in the slips and have to tie up outside the docks.


The on the other side of the spectrum we have the Prentiss Brown. Its a tug boat bolted to a barge. These smaller ships usually haul salt into much smaller ports. The ones that bigger ship just dont fit into. I caught it just as it was passing one of the power plant buoys.

I had just missed the ships passing one another by maybe 20 minutes. That would have been a great shot.

Today I got in maybe my ladscn5398st Trek Farley. I still have a few on the floor but for the most part are sold out. I’m set to maybe get a couple more late January. I hope so.

In the back of my mind Im thinking of selling my Farely EX and building up a 9.8 for the winter.

I knew that hauling around all the suspension all winter was going to be a thing. Or kinda a thing. Or maybe Im just making it into a thing..

I would love to get a 9.8 frameset and build from there. Di2 and HED 27.5 wheels. That thing would be a winter groomed trail rocket. But that stuff is expensive even to a dealer so its just a thought right now. I have many thoughts. Too many.

Im also going to take the 2in tires off my 920 today and put on 42c tires so I can put my full coverage fenders on for winter. Sooner or later I will get that bike to where I want it.I’ll throw some pics up when its done.

I’d better go. That Farely isn’t going to build itself.


Trails Gone

More green that white now.

I stopped at the park this morn to assess the damage further. Huge grass gaps in the trail. Not repairable. But I dont think it will take much to bring it back. The exposed ground will freeze up again. Really, only the areas exposed to the sun melted fast. The remaining snow seems workable. I might work it up sometime later this week. That would help when the next snow comes. Which is not in the 10 day. Of course.

On the right is the beach today. On the left is the pic I took last Friday. Pretty close to the same spot. Sometime this week I will hit up the beach for a before work ride.

Im not sure how the woods riding will be. I’ll assume lots of ice but the snow should be pretty hard and much easier to ride on than last week which was near impossible. Im almost thinking of calling out the beach tonite. Beach riding at nite is a blast. If not tonite then soon for sure.

So all the ski rentals come to a screeching halt. Ski sales slow a bit too but thats to be expected right after Christmas. I put in a restocking order for skis and snowshoes but kept it conservative. And I can complain about the lack of snow and snow sales but its really still early. We have a lot of winter to go.

I need to keep reminding myself of that.


The Day After

Its Monday. The day after Christmas. Its near 50 degrees. We got almost an inch of rain last nite. I checked the trails this morning and its terminal. The trails are too far gone to bring back. It’s going to get below freezing later today and stay that way but its too late.

I have a huge pond in my yard\driveway that will freeze solid tonite. Get out the ice skates.

So we had about 5 days of good skiing. Maybe two days of not so good skiing. And now nothing.

I did get out Saturday morn for a quick lap. The snow was already very soft but ski able. That was my third time out on the ski’s and ties my lasts years number. I know its early in the year but Im pretty bummed. We had great trails. The kind that would last until spring. They could have taken a little rain and a few days abouve freezing no problem. But 50 degrees and rain was no match.

One consolation is that we have the beach back. All the ice and snow from Friday’s pic is gone. All gone. Its bare sand up to the grass. Once it re freezes we could ride that again.

Aa far as the Holiday, my wife worked till 3 so we did everything when she got home.So I had the day all too myself, kinda. By then the snow was too soft for me to ski it so I really did nothing else except watch football on the TV all day. It was a nice quiet night with kids and grandkids.

Was kinda weird having Christmas off on a day I would have had off anyway.

Today its back to work and getting ready for the gift return stampede.

That’s all I have for today. Hope you all had a great Holiday!