Thinking of Winter

I’ve been thinking about what bike to ride this winter.


On one hand I have the Crockett I just built. But when I ordered the frame I ordered canti brakes based on what I had laying around in the store to build. I’ve used that Rival\Apex driveline and at least 4 different bikes.

As for wheels I bought those direct from a Chinese manufacturer just to see whats up. They have been working out fine. Even in those gravel roads up in Hayward where they took a beating over rocks and such. Still true. I like the bike. But the lack of disk brakes is alarming. I pretty much can’t stop. But its lighter and faster than the 920 and I need to keep up to the Saturday morning group. On the other hand the stopping power for a fat guy like me is terrible. Even scary. And I gotta mention my weight has a big influence on the stopping performance. Someone much lighter would not have such an issue here.

Last winter.

So do I strip all the racks and bags off the 920. It’s got MTB wheels and hydro disks. Its heavier, no carbon fork. But seems to be a much better choice throughout the winter. Here in this pic above the drive thats on the pink Crockett today is on this bike here last winter. I have since put all the stock stuff back on the 920 to build the Crockett. Bar shifters and stand alone hydro brake levers. I dont like both of them.


 I kinda like the 920 to stay on the floor in full dress tho, heck, its even half packed from the summer. Tent, bag and mattress is already in it as it sits in the pic here.

Always a nice conversation piece. Always a reminder I need to take more time off to use it in the summer.

I could sell the pink bike and ride this bike this winter. It’s better suited for it.

So do I leave the 920 as is on the floor and ride the Crockett even tho the 920 is better suited for the winter? I really dont know. I like them both. If the Cross bike was disk it would be a no brainer to keep riding it

Maybe I’ll just put the cross bike for sale and if it sells then I’ll prep the 920.

Modern day bike shop problems. Moving on.

I passed on the Tuesday nite ride. With the all day rain yesterday the woods is just too wet. I did get in 20 miles this morn on the road. I’ll try for the woods again Thursday nite. Should be dry enough if it doesn’t rain.


2 thoughts on “Thinking of Winter

    1. Yeah, I did think of that. But I would have to buy a set so I kinda put it off. But someone is going to loan me a nice set to try before i ditch the Crockett.
      By the way, its for sale. Retire the K2?

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