Weekend Update

snl-weekend-updateSo when I go all weekend without a pic this is usually what you get. My weekend report pic.

We start off Saturday with the Saturday morning group ride. It was huge this weekend. Around 25 riders. Mostly cross bikes with a few MTB’s thrown in and one old road bike. I like the bigger groups. More talking. Guys and gals who havent seen each other for awhile catching up. It’s more social.

Unfortunately I had to work so I could only ride out 45 min with the group and then had to turn around to open the store. Stupid bike store ruins all my bike rides. But a short ride is better than no ride at all.

Once at work I loaded up the Farely EX on the car for some riding in the woods on Sunday. I take everything I need with me so I dont have to go to the store on my day off.

But I woke up Sunday morn with the best intentions and proceeded to never leave the couch all day. Was one of those lazy Sundays. I watched football and ate a lot. I did walk out of the house for the first time at around 4pm to attend the Holiday Parade in town with the grandkids. Which entails getting there way too early, sitting at the curb on a lawn chair and if you are not well prepared like I was, freeze your ass off. Im pretty sure I was the only one there in shorts. But it got me out of the house anyway.

So as I get to the store today let’s look at the 10 day. As it stands today, Monday, it looks like highs in the 40’s thru Friday, then the upper 30’s to finish out the 10 day. The next temp below freezing shows to be next Saturday at 29. No snow in the 10 day.

Really, the temps are pretty close to normal and I’ll stay patient and upbeat until the middle of December. Then, it better frickin snow.

Snow watch 2016 will be a common theme for the upcoming month or so.

DSCN4872I’ve been debating weather I should just go ahead and put the stock fat tires on the Farley in lieu of the 29+ I’ve been running. I must be a little superstitious as I think that would maybe be good karma for the snow to come. I do the same thing with the ski rack on top my car. I need to get that on soon to rile up the snow Gods. Prepare for snow and it will come.

I always did the same thing years ago when I owned a trucking company. Only I did it backwards. I always told people if I buy a new plow for my pickup it won’t snow. So I told everyone that didn’t want it to snow to take up a collection. I always mounted my plow early to scare the snow Gods then. I didnt do much in the snow back then.  Today its the other way around.

Today I have nothing to do in the store. And that means one thing. I need to start on my end of year paperwork. Fun.


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