Black Friday Ramblings

815am Ghost ship.

Saw this ship this morning. Went to the radar and nothing shows. Im not sure what ship it is but it appears it does not exist. Ghost ship.


Then I stroll out to the park and see this guy. In the same tree that a saw them last Monday. I dont see them all summer and now I see them twice in 5 days. Weird. Wonder if its the same one?

As far as bike riding about 10 of us did a T-day morning ride. Cross bike ride with road and woods. Pretty much my favorite kind of ride. About two and a half hours. Then I came home, sat on the couch and did not get up much the rest of the day. Had the kids and grandkids over and I was kinda proud of myself with not eating as much as I could.

I didnt even bring any leftover to work today.

Tomorrow I’ll jump on the Saturday group ride but will have to flip it to get back to the store as Im alone all day tomorrow. No biggie. Sunday is wide open and Im sure will be a MTB day. At least I hope so. The weather looks to be sunny and near 50 on Sunday. Not a very optimistic 10 day if you’re looking for snow.  Still showing highs in the 40’s. Crap.

Black Friday does not translate to bike stores. Everyone’s out buying TV’s. But it is the start of the Christmas shopping and I’ve already had a few Holiday purchases last Wednesday. Most times in a bike store your January and February make it or break it is based on December.

So let the Christmas season begin. And by that I mean snow. Please.


Wa da ya think?

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