Mid Week

845am Tuesday

Its Tuesday morn. I’ve been cutting back my posts to 3 a week on M\W\F. Its not that I dont have the time to write but its the slowest time of the year in a bike store and I just dont have anything to write about so much. It’s the Thanksgiving week and things are really slow the days leading up to the Holiday. People traveling and getting ready for T-Day. After Thanksgiving I pray for snow and Holiday shopping.

Speaking of snow, right about now I study the National Weather Service, looking out 10 days for any. As of today, nothing. Most of the next 10 days will still have highs over the freezing mark. Bummer.

Another site I visit is John Dee. He is a weather dude living up in the U.P. of MI. And looks for snow. And is almost always in the ball park with what he see’s. So… snow watch 2016 has begun.

Tuesday Nite

Im glad I did the Tuesday nite ride last nite as its going to rain all day today. And even more snow up north. ABR is open and has 30K of trails groomed. As usual, its all rain here. The rain\snow line is about 100 miles away but might as well be a million.

Was a good ride last nite. Trails are now pretty fast with the ground a bit froze and pretty hard. Its nice to not get any mud on the bike so it can go right back in the store without a wash. A good crew too. I think everyone has fatbikes so when it get snowy they will still be there. I still have not rolled a tire in snow. Im getting anxious.

Today is the day before Turkey day and will be pretty slow. I have nothing really to do. I could brush off the storage wax on the rental ski’s but I’ll save that for later.

If I was a smart guy I would get started early on my year end accounting. I hate that stuff with a passion and usually end up putting it all off until the last minute and then have to come in some Sunday to finish it. I say after all these years why change now.

If the rain ends on time I will call out a ride tomorrow morning on the road. But a cross bike ride with a bit of woods in it. No road bikes.

That’s about it for now. Have a great Thanksgiving.


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