Eagle Monday

Sunday morn.

As expected fall weather left us Friday nite to be replaced by winter. I woke up Saturday to snow and 30mph winds. The roads were wet so I decided to not ride. Just would not be much fun and as I get older I just don’t ride in extreme weather just to say I rode in extreme weather. I’ve got nothing to prove anymore. A few guys hit the woods instead but I was not prepared to do that right then. So Saturday went rideless.

However with the arrival of winter the temps dipped well below freezing for the first time on Saturday nite and that meant a frozen beach in the morn so a small group of us hit the beach Sunday morn to check it out.

And froze it was. We headed south and even with the high water lines we got in about 5 miles before we got cut off. We could have went farther but you would have had to ride in the lake and thats a bummer in cold temps. Not that we havent done it a million times.

I still had my 29+ wheelset on with everyone else fat. Soon I’ll put the stock 4in tires and wheels on but not quite yet. Besides, we have been riding the frozen beach for years on MTB’s. In fact I used a cross bike for years on the winter rides.

Here was are on 2008. Way before fatbikes. I was into making videos for a while back then. We could peloton down the beach for 15 miles at 20mph. What a blast.

But even tho I had a 3in tire Sunday I could tell the sun was softening up the sand pretty quickly. The guys (and gal) with 4in or bigger tires didn’t notice it as soon, if at all. Also weighing in at over 100 pounds more than some makes me a pretty good early detection system too.

So I did jump off the beach about 15 minutes before the others and rode the woods back home solo. But all in all a great ride and shows some promise for this winter. The water is still pretty high up the beach but at least we know we will have at least 5 miles to ride. Hopefully more.

This morning I took my usual ride thru the park and I was pleasantly surprised to see two eagles sitting in the same tree that I first saw an eagle in this area. That was back in 2008. It was a pretty big deal back then. My pic made the papers here. Now they are more common and not such a big deal. To others. To me they are always a big deal. I watched them for maybe 20 minutes just hanging out.

This morn

Here are the pair this morn. Funny pic showing the one looking at the other.

I have not seen an eagle in the park but maybe once this whole summer. But in winter all the small inland lakes freeze up and they come to the big lake to go fishing. I know its early for that now but still it was nice to see them back in that same tree.


Here’s that pic from 2008. Same tree. Different eagles? You can sure tell I have a nicer camera today.

So that’s about it for the weekend. This week will be short with Thanksgiving on Thursday. And then the Christmas push begins. Black Friday is not that big of deal here. Everyone is in the big box stores fighting with each other over big screen TV’s. No thank you.

I’ll plan to attend the Tuesday nite ride tomorrow and maybe call out a Thanksgiving morning ride on the road. Will wait to see that the temps are like.

Talk to ya later.


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