Last Day of Fall


Called a few guys and got in the last ride of fall this morning. Almost 60 degrees on November 18th. Tomorrow at this time it will be 36 degrees with chance of snow. So we got in just one more ride before we need winter clothing. Only extra clothing was some arm warmers today. A nice 20 mile ride before work with a mix of road and woods. Those cross bike rides are the best!

Looking at the 10 day the warmest looks about 45 degrees which is pretty normal. The 10 day also has a few inches of snow. God I hope so.

Ive decided to ditch the carbon wheels off the winter bike. I just can’t stop the brakes from squealing. A common problem with carbon braking surface when you’re a bigger guy. I will get a aluminum brake surface wheel on the bike next week. Then I’ll be able to brake better and quieter.

I also considered selling the Crockett and just riding the 920 in winter mode like I did last year and I guess thats still a possibility. But I have the Crockett and really want to leave the 920 alone instead of stripping it all down again. The easiest thing to do is just get different wheels for the pink bike.

Also, tomorrow is opening day for deer gun season here. So that means limited woods riding for a week or so. Out of three trail systems locally two are hunted.

As far as the group ride tomorrow I will play that by ear. If its dry I’ll give it a go. If its wet I will not. 36 degrees and rain just sucks. Throw in 30mph winds. Im not just a fair weather rider but as I get older I have my limits.

So unlike the last few weekends, this one is going to suck weather wise. But we have been on borrowed time for quite a while now and its expected at some point.

But either way, get outside at least a little bit. Have a good weekend.


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