Monday nite at 630pm

Tuesday the talk of the town was the full moon. It was real big. We had the pleasure of no cloud cover so I took this pic. There was a few riders who called out a nite ride to celebrate but I had some catching up to do and could not make the Monday nite ride. Im a big Stephen King fan and all this reminds me of The Stand.

Looking at the weather, it looks like winter or winter like weather arrives this weekend. Highs still in the 40’s but dropping to the 20’s overnight. Some snow forecasted up in Hayward. We missed it by one week. The high side is calling for 8 inches but most likely will be much less. ND and MN will get a bunch tho and it only a matter of time now for us….

I attended the Tuesday nite ride last nite. Just for one lap. Im always too hungry and since I was at work all day just want to go home. Im such a baby that way. This Thursday is another ride and most likely the last one with fall(ish) weather. Then the rider numbers will fall way off when it gets colder. Pretty much just us fat bikers left. Which is fine.

Im really looking forward to winter. I cant wait to put the wider wheels\tires on the Farley. I can’t wait to ride on a groomed snow trail. Hopefully sooner than later.

I need to get the keys to the grooming equipment at the Park. It seems in a few weeks it could be any day the snow comes….

So I guess the theme today here is the impending winter. I acually have some ski’s to wax so that always a good indication. But a few bikes to fix too. Such a strange time of year between summer and winter.


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