Friday in Hayward

Its Friday morn and Im sitting in a coffee shop in Hayward. The others went for a morning ride and Im saving my legs for the afternoon ride.


Yesterday I got here about noon and grabbed the cross (gravel) bike and headed out for about 30 miles of gravel road. There are miles and miles of gravel roads here to ride.

Almost three hours and saw only three cars. Its like riding on very wide single track. Very quiet and scenic. It was a great ride and hope to do more of this someday but its going to be all MTB from this point on.

Sitting in the coffee shop Im surrounded by older retired people. I hope to join them here someday.


We had a great route taking us from downtown Seeley to many places. Here is the famous Seeley ski trail head. The Seeley ski trails were one of the first to allow fatbikes on the groomed ski trails. Now there are trails groomed specifically for bikes in the system.

Here we are at the old Birkie start area and the new Birkie start area.

All in all a great ride in paradise. 1400 feet of climbing. So we have two riders out on the trails now and Im waiting for two more to show up to ride this aft. We have a pretty big ride set for tomorrow. I hope Im up for a 4 hour MTB ride….

Sunday we are planning to hit up the Winmin trails on the way home. I heard a lot of good things about them and will see for myself.

So I have about an hour before the guys riding comer back so I will do a little Hayward tourist sightseeing and then wait for them. Then wait for the two driving up right now. Then we ride!

So have a great weekend. You know I am!


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