Im Out!

Today is the last day of work for me this week. In the morn Im heading to the great white north. Hayward\Seeley\Cable, WI to be exact. Its going to be four days of riding bikes, eating and drinking. Im pretty pumped about it right now.

So here’s what up:

I’ve got the new XT Di2 on the Farley. Every Time I put this stuff on a bike Im amazed. Bolt it on, hook up the wires and it just works. Charged it up and put an hour on it on the Tuesday nite ride. It’s just so easy to install and use. I gotta say I prefer the XTR shifter with a triple click swing, the XT is single click per swing. But I’ll get used to it. As when I went XTR Di2 last year, the up and down of the shifter is switched so I always shift the wrong way and will do so for awhile. I can hook up the computer and change it but I’ll adapt in time. The driveline works great. And for the price a no brainer. Kinda like when Di2 went Ultegra. The XT Di2 is not that much more than top of the line mechanical. I’ll have fun with it this weekend.

Then I threw on a set of 40c Clement X,plor MSO’s on the Crockett cross bike. I was happy to find that they fit no problem. This is a awesome tire. Big and high pressure capable. Which is good for big guys like me. I tried to get some gravel riding last time I was up there but it just did not work out. Now Im ready! And its not a true gravel tire if its not at least 40c. Anything smaller is just a cross tire. I say that in jest as I never was too concerned whether a bike a cross bike or a gravel bike. To me they still are the same thing.

The weather looks great up there this weekend .Highs in the 50’s each day. Last year we went up last weekend and there was snow on the ground. This time its still fall outside there. I kinda wanted to ride on snow but I guess I can wait. Just a little longer.

There is 5 of us going up so I hope I can keep up. Im the slowest rider in the group but when is that any different from any other time. I’ll make due.

We will do some gravel roads both Thursday afternoon and Friday morn. Then Friday aft, Saturday and Sunday morn will be in the woods.

It’s going to be a long day for me as Im all caught up here at the store. Just putting in the time.

So I’ll be driving up tomorrow from 6am to noon. Im already half packed. I’ll have my notebook with me so maybe a post from up there if I find the time. But dont count on it.

One of these times Im going to go up there and not come back.


Wa da ya think?

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