Riding Lots

Im getting in some great saddle time. Starting with last week Tuesday (nite ride), skip Wednesday, Thursday (nite ride) Friday (morning road) Saturday (group road) Sunday (MTB) Monday (this morn, MTB)

Thursday nite waiting for the sun to set.

Lets keep it rolling… Tuesday will be the nite ride again. Then skip this Wednesday and I leave Thursday for Hayward and four straight days of MTBing. So counting back from next Sunday…11 days out of 13 on the bike. Thats a lot for me. I dont mind.

Big group Saturday.

Saturdays group ride was pretty big. The weather has been amazing. It was in the 60’s when we were done. It’s hard to dress for the huge swing in temps. Halfway thru the ride people were pretty overheated. I try to start out cold and I sure was for the first 30 minutes but as time passed I felt better and better. By the ride home I took quite a bit off and had my back jersey pockets filled with clothes on the way home. Was a bit harder ride than normal that thats not a bad thing. I had a few pretty good intervals to hang on for dear life… And forgot my water so I dehydrated pretty good. Was kinda sick the rest of that day. I need to stop doing that.

Sunday was a great ride in the woods. Not a long ride as I did feel the prior day’s efforts in my legs. But the sun was out, it was almost 70 degrees and the woods still has plenty of color left in it. I opted to ride a bit slower and take in the scenery. Some of the guys just can’t do that. It’s only one speed in the woods for them. You can stand 10 feet off the trail and they are so focused they dont see you. That’s fun and all but sometimes you need to slow down and take it all in. And thats what I did Sunday. Another great ride.

1015am today.

This morning I took a drive to another trail system. Its about a 40 minute drive and I usually dont go there on a work day but I figured what the heck. Left the house at 730am, had a nice two lap ride there and had to speed all the way back to the store and came up 4 minutes late. So reprimand me. Deduct it from my timecard.

So now Im in store writing this a bit late today. So much to do, so little time. I have about 5 bikes to fix and I want to get the Di2 on my bike today so I can test it tomorrow nite before I leave for four days in northern Wisc.

And I need to get all my banking and ordering done too as I have to work a little ahead of myself in the store. Lots to get done by Wednesday. Short weeks in the store is always a bit stressfull. I better get going. I did get one bike done and I’ll get one more before I will start with the electronics for my EX.

I’ll let you know how that go’s Wednesday morn…



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