Pending Weekend

Another great morning. Maybe 38 degrees when I left home but its rebounded to 50 something pretty quickly.

I put in another nite ride on the EX last nite and backed it up with 20 miles on the road before work this morn. Always a good feeling when I get two good rides in a row…

And this weekend looks to be great also. Sunny and almost 60 both days. Thats crazy for the 5th of November. Is winter ever going to get here? The temps look above average for the next 10 days. The weather dude says changes around the middle of the month. While last year they called out a below average year for snow (and was right) they are calling for a normal year this year which is good news.

Tomorrow morn I have help in the store so I can do the entire group ride in the morn. That will be fun. Then the last few Sundays its been MTB and hope to continue that. Maybe Sunday will be the first ride on the Di2 EX?


I’ve got everything to go Di2 on my Farely EX and might just do it this afternoon.


I’m going to try a little experiment and use a road climbing switch for the shifter. Just for fun. I have a XT shifter to put on later if I want to. I suspect this will not work well cuz if you have your thumb over the buttons and hit a bump you will shift it by accident. But I will zip tie it on and give it a try.

Right after this great upcoming weekend I will be working on leaving Thursday morn for Hayward. Up there for four days. Lots of bike riding. Should be a blast. But after that I dont see anything until after the Holidays for me. Unless maybe a quickie up to Marquette.

This weekend is Iceman. Tomorrow in fact. I lot of racers here go up to that. It’s a race I registered for three times and have never did. For whatever reason. Anyway…. good luck to all, looks like great weather.

So I wont concern myself with Hayward prep till after the weekend.Instead I’ll concentrate on getting outside….and you should to. Amazing weather.

Have a great weekend.


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