Double Shammy Tuesday

Tuesday. 905am

When you live in Wisconsin, and its November 1st, and you wake up and its 60 degrees already, its almost mandatory you grab your bike ASAP.

I headed out at 830am for a two hour ride. But in the two hour time slot I pretty much just got in a hour 15 minutes cuz everybody else was doing it too. I’d get maybe 15 minutes in and have to stop and talk to someone. And then another. And then another.

By the time I got in a hour I had to stop and take off my knee warmers and the small base layer I had under my jersey. Nothing but kit and it felt great. Just two weeks ago we were riding in 36 degree weather and now at the same time of day it was a full 30 degrees warmer. Going to hit 70 today. It was a great 17 mile ride before work. Then… after work it was the Tuesday Nite night ride making it a double shammy day.


It was still 55 degrees at ride time for the nite ride. Just added arm warmers to the kit was good enough. I had thought it was going to be a huge group but for some reason it was the smallest of the year so far. Maybe everyone was blown out from all the daytime riding. Im sure more than one person played hooky from work to ride in the warm. Officially in Milwaukee it hit 77 degrees. About 71 or 72 here. Records highs were either set or tied.

The nite ride was pretty much all fast guys and I spent quite a bit alone so I pulled the plug after just one time around. Maybe 5 miles. I usually dont mind a shorter ride at nite as I have not been home from work yet and am pretty hungry. But I get a good ride in. I really enjoy nite riding. Everything looks new and different. It’s fun.

Today I have no riding planned. Tomorrow is another nite ride at a different trail system. Its a almost 40 minute drive from the store so that will be a late one. I might just leave the bike on the car today. It’s raining a bit and it could use a good wash. It looks like the last piece of the Di2 driveline comes Friday. I’ll have to wait until after the weekend to do the surgery on the Farley EX.

So… yesterday was a good day with two rides on two different bikes. I’ll call that a productive day.


Wa da ya think?

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