Weather Related

The weather here has been very warm. Like Sept warm. Tomorrow for the Tuesday nite ride it could hit 60 degrees. Thats nuts for the first day of Nov.

I had my camera with me this morn as I hung out in the park but when I went and took a pic of the lake my camera rudely told me I had no memory card in it. So I’ll find a foto in the archives for today.

Beach ride 2006

Here’s a throwback to 2006. Way before fatbikes. We loved our winter beach rides. Looking at the pic what you see there is now all under water as the Lake Michigan water line is way up  Really no beach to ride anymore until it goes back down and that could take years. It’s a real bummer as there rides were amazing. Now gone.

Saturday I did the group ride from the store but had to turn back to open said store. I still got something like 17 miles in before I went to work.

Sunday was a lazy day. One of those lazy days when you get up and then hit the couch. By 11am it appeared I would not be riding a bike that day but a old freind called and asked so we had a slow roll for an hour in the woods. No heart rate but better than nothing. At least I feel mentally better about it.

While Im not thinking about it as much yet I’ll be back in Hayward in two weeks. Bunch of guys coming with for some MTBing before the snow arrives. Im not leaving for 11 days so its still far from my mind. But hopefully the time will go quick. It’s kinda close to a 50\50 chance some snow will be on the ground then. While that would be cool, I can wait a bit longer for that. One more weekend on dirt would be good. Then…. let it snow like crazy.

All the weather forecasting is calling for a “normal” winter which is way better than last year’s bust. I made one trip up to Marquette for snow riding and it was 35 degrees and raining. As for skiing here, we had less than 3 weeks all winter. and even at that it was minimal snow to ski on. I groomed the ski trails three times last year. And almost 15 times the year before…..

With my weight and bad knees Im not even sure how much I can ski anymore. I got out just three very short times last year and remember wearing a knee brace. Maybe 40 minutes a time. I hope to do a little more this winter.

This is on my mind today as a bunch more of ski’s just came in the store. I just hope it snows so people buy them.


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