It’s Friday I guess.

I’ve been talking a lot about bikes lately. Which is kinda normal I guess. The weekend is here once again. And it look pretty good. I’ll do the group ride in the morning but need to turn back to open the store. Sunday looks good too and most likely will be MTB. It’s crazy that I look so forward to riding my Farely EX as much as I do.

Definitely warm for this time of year. Im always torn at this point as to weather. I want it to stay warm for the riding but I want it to cool off for the snow sports too. Being a winter guy I cant wait to ski and fatbike on the groomed trails.

Di2 for half the cost? Im in.

My XT Di2 came a week ago. I now have everything I need to build a bike with it but I have no bike to build. So its going on my EX. Maybe next week. I am not doing the battery in the steer tube thing as I didnt like the stem I need to use so the battery is going old school and in the seatpost.

The NEXT seatpost has no provisions for the battery and I gatta go home made battery mount time. I’ve heard of people using foam and such to hold it in there so i will research that. Initially, I was kinda bummed as the BB cavity is a solid peace of aluminum and it seemed that I could not run a wire up from the downtube into the seat tube but I forgot about the dropper post route (duh). Even tho I did take the dropper post off I did leave the cable inside the frame. So that is the route of the battery wire.

Anyway, thats whats up for me next week.

On a personally note is come (painfully) clear that I need to lose weight soon or suffer long term consequences. My knees are just about both blown up. I got a little heart thing going on too. Nothing serious but one really needs their heart to work ongoing. I wont go into details but its kinda funny that it works well on the top end but its the bottom (resting) end that bothers me.

So I have made the decision to try NutriSystem. Food availability (good food) and prep has always been a issue for me. Portion size too. So all that will be laid out in front of me. I might get a little crabby. Food withdrawal. I dont talk about my weight too much anymore.

So thats about it. A ton of skis\snowshoes\bike stuff just came and its not going to check itself into the store.

Have a good weekend.


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