Great Weekend

All and all a very enjoyable weekend. It all got started with the Saturday group ride. This was really the first ride in “winter mode”. A couple of us went last week but this week the group was up to 15 bikes. A mix of cross, gravel, road and MTB’s. Pretty much the biggest group I rode with in all of 2016 so far.

Stop for Breakfast!

Most of my rides this summer have been solo or with one other. Back in the day I rode in big groups at least twice a week. Ive documented many times, but not of late how I have to use smart tactics to stay in the group of faster riders. I have to pick my wheels to follow wisely. I have to make sure Im not stuck on the inside of a cross wind. I need to make sure I rest up before a hill and just sit in. One mistake and Im way,way off the back.

It was fun to be able to do that again on Saturday. Pushing myself way more than I do riding by myself just to hang on the back. No doubt if I do this more I will get a bit more fitter on the bike. I had a great ride and felt tired but really good after the ride. Let’s do it again next Saturday too!

Sunday I knew others would be riding the local trails but I never like to make plans on Sundays. I get there when I get there. I let Sundays just roll with what happenes.


I waited a bit for the temps to warm up and I was not disappointed. When I was done riding it was near 70 and I had to stop in the woods to take some base layers off soon after I started. That could have been embarrassing but it went without incident.

With my last MTB ride being the debacle up in Cable I was amazed on how great I felt on the bike. Really good. Add in the beautiful weather and the just past peak trees and it was a ride I will remember for awhile.

I was glad to do it alone so I could take the time to take in the sights. The leaves were on the trail in force and looked like a bad 80’s shag carpet. But the sun and yellow color really brightened up the woods. Just adding to the experience.

And in fact, I was feeling so good I  bested my last Strava PR’s in two spots. One was a segment I showed you last week when I mentioned the new chainring. Just a week later I bested it again.

Here is the data.

Again, not that the numbers are that good. And Im still not that big of a Strava fan but the numbers do not lie. I can see it’s a great tool for training. And I kinda like seeing my efforts sometimes. Its a good feeling knowing things are going in the right direction sometimes. I should wear my HR strap more often. I dont “train” but always know there is room for improvement. And for me its not to win races but more to just be able to hang with others sometimes. Most of the riders I ride with are faster than average.

Next up is the Tuesday nite ride and it looks like rain but I hope it holds off. I need to keep this upward fitness swing going….


Wa da ya think?

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