After leaving home before the sun was up I traveled to Hayward,WI to participate in s in Trek’s 3 day ride camp. Im a little skeptical of going and riding with such a group with the fear of falling off the back. But I thought I would give it a try anyway since it was in one of my favorite places in the world. I dont need much of a excuse to drive up here.

I got up here pretty early as things dont get started until near 5pm but I used the time to sightseer the fall colors. The camp is happening at the new Birkie start area( which looks great!) with rough camping. Im too old for that. With temps in the 30’s in the morn I opted to stay and the Lodge in Seeley.

So I headed over the the start at about 5pm. The first ride was a nite ride and I brought all the lights i own to make sure I can see where I was going.

It looked like about 20 bikes were ready to roll out and as I searched the group for someone to ride with I was concerned. I lot of skinny young gays and gals. I was in trouble.

So we roll out and i was about in the middle of the group and immediately my HR was pegged. One by one the riders asked to pass and soon I was hanging on the tail for dear life. At the 12 minute mark I was alone and with dark not far away and the amount of leaves on the trail being alone in the woods at nite would have been bad. I considered flipping it during the next five minutes and was ready to do so but then one dude waited for me and rode with me the rest of the ride. Saved. It was about a hour and a half ride into the woods where they set up a small chili dinner near Seeley Fire Tower. After some chili that was way too hot for me we heading back in fire roads to save time. All in all it was a fun ride but almost was a disaster for me.

Today its a 2 hour ride somewhere in the woods for lunch, then two hours back. Since its in the daylight Im not so nervous about riding alone.

This morn Im sitting eating breakfast at the Sawmill in Seeley .In about an hour i will head over to camp to start the day. Hopefully I will keep up a bit better.I looked at last nite ride profile and there was just over 1000 feet of climbing in a hour and a half.

And Im sure today will be no better.

And Im off.


Wa da ya think?

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