Weekend And Beyond

Not a bad riding weekend. Weather seemed always on the brink of rain but it didnt come for the most part. Saturday a few met at the store for breakfast ride . Pretty much the first one for me since last spring. In summer the ride moves inland and is full on road bikes with a 20mph average. That leaves me out. In the winter its all cross and MTB’s and I can keep up much easier.


That said the Saturday ride was about the fastest I’ve been on in awhile. Maybe the fastest of all summer. It was nice to sit in a group again as I just dont do that much anymore due to the fact Im mostly solo or maybe one other. I could tell I was working harder and I wish I could do that more. Riding alone has made me a little soft on the road. I could tell I was feeling better on the bike in just 20 miles. I hope to do more of this.

Sunday was a bit of a lazy morning. I was invited to ride the MTB on some trails that were a 2 hour drive but I decided to keep it local and rode the  city park just a few miles from my house. Nothing spectacular. Just tooled around for a bit over a hour. Just good enough to get me out of the house.

This morning has me pretty stressed. It’s a Monday in the store, so ordering and other Monday stuff is in order. Im here alone all day. And its the last day Im here until Friday.

Tomorrow at the crack of dawn Im off to the Trek Ride Camp in Cable, WI. Im there Tuesday, Wednesday and coming home Thursday. It looks like the first ride is a nite ride Tuesday nite, then a couple rides Wednesday and maybe a moring ride Thursday before we leave for home. Taking my current fitness level I am prepared to ride alone and Im good with that. I am considering bring my cross bike for some gravel road riding,but dont want to just haul it around with a just a small chance I would use it. Maybe Thursday morn.

New gadget product of the week!


New Barfly SLi Garmin mount has GoPro mount under it. Light & Motion’s Urban lights mount to a GoPro mount. So I now have a Urban 500 hard mounted under my computer mount. You can now but them both mount and light in a combo set. Very cool. Along with the 500 out front I have a 800 on my helmet. Bring on the nite rides! First ride with this setup will be on CAMBA’s trails Tuesday nite.

I’ve got so much to do.  Prep bikes, charge lites and get all my gear in order in general. First I will get store stuff done. Then after lunch concentrate on not forgetting anything for the trip. I’ll be on the road tomorrow by 6am for the five and a half hour drive. I’ll have my small notebook computer with me so I might post a bit if Im sitting bored in my hotel room. And thats a possibility as I dont stay out too late and the extended riding might have me in bed early.

I will let you know how it all go’s.


Wa da ya think?

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