Catch Up

Peninsula Park. Yesterday.

Seems I got a lot to talk about. Cutting my posts to Mon\Wed\Fri makes them  a bit longer and I dont know if thats good or bad.

Yesterday I took the day off and went to Door County, Fish Creek to be specific, Peninsula State Park to be even more specific. It was a nice day of riding\eating\hiking\shopping. The riding was short but pleasant in the park. Just tooling around. I ate too much but thats to be expected.

The place was packed! I have never seen so many people in Fish Creek. On a Tuesday no less. We ate twice. Once at 11am and once at 530pm and had to wait an hour to be seated each time. Everyone, like us, up to see the fall colors which were nowhere near peak. So that was a bit of a bummer. But still nice to get away for a day trip.

I brought up my old Trek 7000 for my wife to ride in the park. I can’t believe I acually rode a bike with such small wheels. They are tiny (26).

I bought this bike new in 1991 for $685 bucks. The frame and the crank is the only things left from the original bike. This was one of the first crazy light aluminum frames. Before this bike most was still steel. I always talk about Pinkie and how I would never sell it but this is another one I would just hold on to.


Here’s a pic from about 10 years ago. It was my beach\winter bike back then. The frame is really too small for me but when I bought it I was a newbie and had no idea. Apparently the salesmen didnt either. But 25 years later its all good. Tons of miles on it. And still gets the call now and then.

I have yet to talk about last weekend except for the ring stuff. But Im old and its too long ago and I forgot what I did.

I can remember seeing a ship this morn.

The Sammual De Champlain is a tug\barge combo. Its coming from Cleveland.OH down to the Chicago area. A pretty long trip for a smaller ship. Very well could be hauling road salt. A lot of the smaller ships do that this time of year.

So thats about it today. At the store early as I usually do when Im out a day. Have 4 bikes to repair and winter clothing to get on the floor. I also need to order some ski’s. Maybe do that tomorrow.

Talk on Friday.


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