The Ring.

Usually on Mondays I post about all the cool stuff I did over the weekend. Today I’ll stick to one subject as I will post this on social media. I’ll get back to stupid stuff next post.

I rode the EX twice this weekend. Three times total. As some of you may know Im not the kind of guy to put a new part on my bike, ride it around the parking lot and tell everyone how great it is.

A few weekes ago I posted that I was going to try a oval ring and I got mixed reviews. I now have three rides in on the ring in three different trail systems and I have formed an opinion.

But before we go into that let’s talk about what the ring does. In a nutshell its a 30 tooth. The same size that came with my EX and the same size I’ve been running well over a year now with both Sram and Shimano driveline. However the oval shape has me running a 28 tooth then your pedals are at 12 and 6 oclock or, top dead center. Thats where your rotation is at its weakest. Then once you hit the sweet spot, say, 3 and 9 oclock, ( actually a smidge before) you now have a 32 tooth ring so let’er hammer.

So I’ll just go and say it. This contraption has helped me greatly. The steeper shorter puker climbs for me are not as pukey anymore. I really dont feel it any other time but when Im laying down maximum watts to clear the top of a steep kicker. Then, I really can feel it working. It’s on my bike to stay.

I rode my EX on three different trails and knew exactly where this ring was going to help and it did every time. Yesterday I got a Strava PR on a climb. A climb! That never happenes. Well, at least not of late.

Not that Im bragging about my extremely slow times (actually kinda embarrassing) but here is proof that the ring helped me. And I really was not going as hard as I could. When I was out there I had no idea where the segments were.

Now, I dont think this is for everyone. I think the fitter and faster you are the less impact it has. It helps me a ton cuz Im so gravitationally challenged on those climbs. If your fit, skinny and fast up hill the impact of this ring will be minimal. Im sure something, but not near to the extent I can use it.

Being a bigger guy I really can use the help riding up hills and Im pretty excited about having the other riders wait for me maybe only half as long as before. Honestly that would be a game changer for me as Im just too slow now for the group Im used to riding with.

Between the Trek Farely EX and now this ring Im pretty pumped about getting in the woods way, way more than usual this fall. And bring on the snow!


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