More Riding


There are not many mornings left like this one. Almost 70 degrees and some sun. On Oct 7th. What a strange warmer Oct we are having. My lawn is growing faster than it did in July. The humidity is August like. Temps too. The mosquitoes are hatching in force. They should all be gone by now. Im sure the temps and all the rain had something to do with that. Just feels strange.


And will come to a abrupt end soon. With such warm weather the fall temps will hit like a two ton heavy thing and thats set for later today. Temps look to fall 20 degrees but mid afternoon. And thats fine by me.

This guy stopped to visit me this morn in the park.He was just passing by and needed a rest.

On to bike stuff.

So yesterday I rode the Crockett for 20 miles and deemed it a great winter bike to ride. I felt way more comfortable on it. It worked great and nothing fell off so its good to go.

I had a nice solo ride before the store opened and plan on doing that more for sure. Maybe twice a week. Tomorrow morn for sure.

And then after work I grabbed the EX and headed to a local trail about a 40 min drive away. I brought my lights and they were for sure needed. In fact all the rides after work now will be nite rides and Im looking forward to that.


So last nite was my first real ride with the oval ring. First off, Im not the kind of guy who bolts on a part like this one my bike, ride it for 10 minutes and declare it the best thing since deep fried twinkies. I like to take my time on these things. When I asked around about this phenomenon I got about a 50\50 response. So I will leave the final word for another day. But…

If I had to say so today I would say yes, I could feel the advantage while climbing. Being a bigger guy even the slightest elevation affects me. But it was  during the gut busters I felt it easier going. Some medium climbs I noticed I was in one gear lower than usual. So I must have been climbing a bit faster?

All other times I did not even notice it at all which is a good thing. It was always those last few strokes just topping a steep climb that I noticed it.

I really feel if your a skinny rider with no issues on the hills this is not for you. If your climbing with a pretty high cadence and can hold it all the way up this won’t help. I dont think so anyway. But if you’re like me and get gassed and crosseyed cresting a category climb I think it takes the edge off a bit.

Anyway, thats what I think after one ride. Lets see what I think after 5. However, as you would think, after a while you dont notice it anymore so really it the first few rides that will tell the tale. I’ll hit a few local trails and climb hills I’ve done a thousand times before and see how I feel then. And thats going to be my job this weekend. Ride my MTB. Weather looks good. All systems go.

Get outside and have a great weekend.


Wa da ya think?

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