Poor Pinkie (not again!)

Well, I did it to Pinkie again. Built it up into a fine bike. Rode it twice in two days and then I killed it.

On Monday I saw a Trek Crockett frameset on sale, got it, and as fast as Pinkie was rebuilt, was taken apart. Back to bare frame.

Let the (re)build begin.

And yes, the frame is pink. Adding insult to Pinkies injury. But I could not pass up the deal. Trek was liquidating the frames either due to color or the canti brakes. Either way it was just a few bucks and I went for it. As far as Pinkie is concerned it just was bad timing.

Everything off the old frame fit except for the BB which is a pressfit. I did feel bad for the bike I call Pinkie as I have had for 15 years but the headtube was a bit too low for me now. I guess now that I will remember that the frame may never get built up again. Unless I make some crazy single speed out of it or something. Its been a single speed before. And a 1 by 9 too.

I did ride Pinkie about 40 miles tho…

The new(er) build is the same. But the new frame has a 20mm higher head tube and a longer steer tube so I can have my bars a bit higher. I can even run the stem level instead of turned up keeping up the pro look.

3 hours later.

So there you have it. First ride will be today. Then the tweaking starts all over again. And I will be on a new(er) bike. The fact thats its pink is immaterial. I will not call this bike Pinkie in respect to the frame that has gotten me thousands of miles over the years. I will never sell that frame. In fact this new bike will be long gone and Pinkie will still be hanging in the store somewhere.

Gatta admit it is eye catching. Hopefully it rides as good as it looks.


Wa da ya think?

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