Pinkie Reborn (again)

Sunday at the MTB races. Yes, I tightened his helmet.

Was a busy weekend and a busy Monday morn. Too busy to post….

I’ll start with Saturday. A crappy rainy day. Kinda like the crappy rainy day on Friday. I got to work pretty early since I had no street bike to ride. Pretty much a typical Saturday in the bike store but then USPS showed up with those cheap Chinese carbon wheels I ordered about two weeks ago. And the race was on to finish the bike so I can ride on Sunday if it stopped raining.

Im glad I had help in the store to keep the sales floor moving as I pretty much built the bike from scratch. I did have the crank and handlebar on it.

But build I did and by the time came to go home it was done. A solid three hour effort. Toughest part was the internal routing in the handlebar. I had to get brake housing to bend tighter than it wanted to. The answer? A little heat to the housing. Done and done.

So now the bike is done less some tweeks. And  here are the crappy $320 dollar carbon wheels. Im going to call them functional however it wasnt long before I realized the hubs were pretty cheap. That was Saturday. I packed up both Pinkie and the EX to take home. I have one day off of work and I try not to have to come to the store so I pretty much take a few bikes and stuff with me so I dont need to come and get anything on my day off.

Sunday I woke and to my surprise it was a crappy rainy morning. I had planned to test out the new build but the rain stopped me as usual. So I packed up my grandson and we went over to the MTB race to spectate a bit. It was pretty muddy for the early races but got progressively better as the day wore on. We were there for about 3 hours and then I headed home to put in the maiden voyage on Pinkie.

I always use at least one pink thing on every build of this bike. Nostalgia.

The roads were dry and off I went solo. First thing was the freehub in the crappy hubs skipped quite a bit but then stopped after an hour or so. But I’ll make a note to shoot some grease in them to help that.  It takes me awhile to set my seat height so the first 30 min was me stopping and moving it up or down. I notoriously have my seats up too high to compensate for my crappy knees so normal seat hight procedures do not work for me.

If I were a smart man I would keep that measurement with me but it was in the store and I was not. So I did find it after a bit and rode the bike about 20 miles. Pretty much liking it but…..

The headtube is so damn low on this 15 year old bike. Also the steer tube was cut low back in the day I was racing. So overall the bars were just too low for me. I remember that last time I built it. But this time I could flip the stem to get the bars up a bit and that helped a ton but it was still a bit uncomfortable. I thought I could just lower the seat a little to offset that but then Im borrowing from Peter to pay Paul.

I’ve had the peace sign brake hangers for years on many bikes.

 I put another 20 miles on it Monday morn and was thinking I was starting to get used to it. And maybe I was. I noticed the seat had to go and I’ve already replaced that. So maybe this is the winter bikes this year. Big 32c road tires for now with cross tires when the snow flies.

Sram Apex driveline with Rival shifters. This driveline was on and off this bike at least 5 times. The driveline is at least 7 years old, has been on 4 or 6 different bikes including all my Surly Long Haul Truckers and of late most of this was on the Trek 920. Im not a fan of double tap but I gatta say this drive shifts flawlessly over the years and is super easy to set up. It just keeps truckin’

So that was my weekend. Sorta productive. Got the road\cross\winter bike done just in time as the store does not open now until 11am and I have a lot more time in the morning to ride. And ride I shall.


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