Call Out.


Not sure why I get to the store so early. I certainly dont have to.

Got in about an hour in the woods last nite before the rain hit. Its starting to get kinda dark by then anyway. Soon we will break out the lights. The Tuesday ride originally was a night ride only that we started up after daylight savings. This is the first year we did it all summer long.

I gatta call myself out on yesterday’s post. I mentioned my seat height changing when the suspension sags. It does not. That’s what I get for not riding a full suspension for two years. The seat post and crank are on the same piece of bike and does not move in relation to each other. Only the seat angle changes a little as the suspension moves up and down. And not by a lot. So my knee problems I spoke of yesterday had nothing to do with the seat\pedal relationship. Im so embarrassed.

Last nite the knees were not so bad. But I didnt ride that hard. Today I get the oval chainring to try out. Will see how that works.

Sometimes its just a change in bikes that get my knees going. Just from one geometry to another. I could jump from my road bike which I never have a problem with, to a cross bike and even tho the seat is the same height it is just a little bit different. Enough for my knees to notice. Then, after a while it goes way and starts over when I switch back to the road bike. I guess this may be a over weight\old age thing.

In the store today I actually have a couple bikes to tune up but then my thoughts turn to winter. This aft I will take inventory of ski and snowshoe stuff and put my first winter order in. I can’t believe its that time again.

When you get old (like me) the days seem long and the years seem short.


Wa da ya think?

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