Good Weekend.


Not a bad weekend. On Saturday I woke up too late to get a ride in before work so I got one in after. With the ton of rain we had the last few days some extra time to dry was not a bad thing anyway. Grabbed the EX and in the woods I went. Was riding in the park that the MTB race will be in next weekend (more on that later) and met up with a few others who were nice enough to slow down for me. But I was feeling pretty good on the bike.

So good in fact that I decided to head out to Greenbush, my nemesis trail system, on Sunday morn. As Ive mentioned before, the new EX has opened up these trail to me again. I was getting the crap beat out of me with the hardtails even when the hardtail was a fatbike. Being a bigger guy I could not run the air pressures the others were using to help smooth out the rocks and roots. I would get to many rim strikes so I had to pressure up.

Now with the EX I can pressure up to save the rims. So I had this crazy thought in my head to go there Sunday and try to get a PR on the full lap. Mind you my PR’s on this are very slow. My fastest lap out there was a hour seven minutes. That was before I figured out Strava (more on that later).  Here’s the lap yesterday.

I started out wearing a HR strap and everything. Trying to keep my HR under 160 as much as I could which was never. I was feeling pretty good at the half way point but I knew all the climbing was in the second half of the lap and as I finished the first set of climbs, at about the 32 minute mark I knew I had gone out too hard. I was pretty destroyed and had to stop a sec and get my HR down. For about a minute.

I then continued at a much easier pace and as I started to come up to the fourth tree across the trail I decided to ditch the effort and ride out easy. I really felt like crap and pretty much thought that was a stupid idea. Now the rest of my day was pretty shot and I would be looking for the couch when I got home.

But then as I got closer it seemed that my time would not be as bad. In fact, according to Mr Garmin I ended the lap at a hour ten minutes. Just two minutes off. Surely if I started out a bit slower and finished a bit harder I could for sure break the hour seven. Who knows. Strava shows my moving time as a hour 12 but thats tooling around in the lot after. Also it shows my lap as a hour 23 minutes? That must be counting the down time as my Garmin stops when I stop. Whatever. Not important.

So that was my weekend. Next weekend is the Enduro in Marquette and there still is a chance I might go. A small chance but still a chance.


Wa da ya think?

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