Interbike is going down right now and for the third straight year Im not present. I’ve been reading how attendance is way down. Vendors too.

I was never a fan of the show but when I did go it was for CrossVegas. And now its a World Cup. But before that it still was the biggest cross race in the States. Ive posted about it before. Many times in fact.

It seems like forever since I was in Vegas. I dont know… it seems to lose its luster after 5 or 6 times. I wish I could just fly in for the cross race and then fly home. But thats a lot of money for one day and one race.

The view from my first year, in 2009.

In 2009 I think we stayed at the Riviera at $39 bucks a nite. They blew that one up this summer. I could never spend more than a day or two in that town. After the cross race on Wednesday, we always left town for a day or so taking field trips to Zion or one year Death Valley. Never staying more than 3 days in town. In 2009 I was amazed that there was more than one fat bike at the show. I took a million pics of them. Times have changed.

Anyway, I hear the show is way down. For no specific reason. The owners of Interbike is also starting up an east coast show in one of the Carolinas. That might have happened already and if it did it must not have went well cuz I did not hear anything about it.

Im not so sure I will go back to Interbike anytime soon. With a World Cup cross race just 5 or so hours drive away in IA now you dont need to fly to the desert to see the fast Euro’s.

Some pics from our last year there in 2013. It was hot. We visited the Dam.

Interbike is a thing that all new shop owners can’t wait to go to, then get bored of real quick. But Im glad to have went when I did. I hope it sees better days.

Just in case I go back someday. Maybe.

The MTB (Farley) is fixed and I really want to ride it this weekend. But its been raining for the last three days and Im not sure sure what condition the woods is in. I guess I’ll find out.

As far as my Pinkie bike build, I have everything and am waiting for the wheels to arrive. When they do, it will be done same day.

So its MTB for this weekend. And thats not a bad thing. Get outside and have a good weekend.


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