Sometimes when I get bored I get into trouble and such was the case on Tuesday. No more than a few hours before the Tuesday nite group ride I decided my rear derailer on the EX was a degree or two off so I put the straightener on it and proceeded to break the dropout. What a dumbass.

The look on my face must have been priceless. Both astonishment and pain. Of course I did not have another one so no ride for me. And the stupid thing was I really did not need to do that. I was just bored and needed to tinker on something. I was so mad at myself. If you look at the pics this whole thing got started when I got another million dollar red chain for the bike like I had on my last Farely. I just like the bling. And then a ton of rain came thru and it looks like we are out of the woods all the way up to the weekend. And I have no road bike. Or cross bike. Sonofa.

Ive decided to bring Pinkie back in road configuration so I ordered all the parts for that.

And I ordered these off of eBay for the build.


Cheap Chinese carbon wheels for $325.  I figure what the hell. If they break, they break but for a winter beater why not. Very interested in what they look like when they get here.

Other than that I think I have most of what I need here and will get that bike going later this week. I have three bikes to fix today, four if you count my EX. But I can only go so far with Pinkie until these wheels get here and that could be 7 days. But I can’t wait to get started. I love building bikes. I never build the same bike twice the same way.

Im still debating on doing the Enduro up in Marquette on Sunday the 2nd. I really should have someone come with me in case I hit a tree and need someone else to drive home. I’ll work on that. Right now there is still a chance I’ll go but I will put it at 50\50 right now.

Time to work on a few bikes…..


Wa da ya think?

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