Last Ride

The last ride Saturday morn.

Easy come, easy go. Sold my demo Domane yesterday.Complete with all my upgrades. I liked the bike a lot. Just like my new Farely EX this was the perfect road bike for me. Smooth ride, Di2 and hydro disk. So I need to think demo 2017 and it just might be the same bike as they now offer it in the “Project”.

It pretty much will be the same thing but custom colors. And I will get frame only and go from there. Might be my first eTap bike build. If I can get ahold of the hydro eTap and if its like the the current eTap thats pretty much never.


So down the road she go’s. Now what do I ride? Well, this time of year Im mostly woods anyway but I will need some sort of road bike. Last year I just stripped my 920 down and rode that but I kinda like to keep it in tour mode. It looks good on the floor that way.


Although take all the touring crap off and its a fun bike to ride in winter. Just looking at this pic makes me want to do that again. Now I just might. That sure looks like a fun winter bike.

My other option is to put my old cross bike back together. The bike I call Pinkie. I’ve had that one for many years and could put a entire post together on it.

Right now it sits upstairs in bare frame. Its been a few years since I rode that bike and maybe its time to just put it back together. I have the parts laying around. I just need wheels and I was looking at getting some cheap China carbon wheels for $350 bucks to ride in winter. I’ll decide this week yet. Maybe both? I cant go full winter yet anyway as Im sure I have a few road rides left and the 920 would be a bit cumbersome riding with other carbon road rockets. But what do I care how fast I am.

That’s it for today


Wa da ya think?

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