Friday Stuff(w\links)

Looking at this weekend:

A lot going on. Of course Shuammy is tomorrow. And we all know how I feel about that.

Also tomorrow a good freind of mine is putting on a WEMS race. If you’re a local and have not done one of these you should. Nothing but fun. Very laid back.

Then there’s the Trek CX race this weekend. I was thinking of going there tomorrow but I better work instead. A lot of Euro pro’s are there due the the World Cup’s in Vegas and Iowa coming up. If you go to Treks website they will be streaming it live. Check that out.

And to top of tomorrow our local century ride is going down. I’ve done this one a few times but not since I owned the store. Everyone else here does it and Im the last guy standing here in store.

But I’ll get in a solo ride in the morning. A dude is coming to look at my Domane tomorrow and I thought I would get one last ride in on it. Hopefully it sells. Then all my 2016 demos will be sold. Time to reorder! I’ll decide what later.

Now is kinda a tough time in the store. Lots of decisions to be made. Do I keep the help around and take some time off? Do I send everyone home and handle it myself since its slowing? It’s a fine line between the two. Of course the less payroll the more I make. But all work and no play makes Dan a dull boy. I try to keep the summer help as long as I can so I can take a few days before November (slowest month).

Sunday I might get in a quick MTB ride before I head to the family function. Got in a good ride last nite in our local park. Again would tell you how much I like that bike but you already know.

And thats about it for this weekend. Hopefully you can get outside and maybe attend one of those events… Since I can’t. Have a good weekend.


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