Shuammy Remorse

Now Im feeling remorse about not going to Hayward. I had everything set up. Expensive hotel. Registration in January. I guess deep down I should have went. I would have been leaving tomorrow. But Im not.

Check out the registration line in 2012.

And in the long run it seems if I skip this weekend, I will be rewarded with another Hayward adventure in both Oct and Nov. So while it hurts a bit today Im setting up for the future.

And then this popped in my head again.

Marquette Mountain Enduro on Oct 2nd.

I thought about it a bit last year. And Im thinking about it again. Just in the beginner category. I dont need to hurt myself.

Heres some info on what an Enduro is.

Im pretty sure I dont have to “huck” a whole lot in the beginner class. Just need to do two runs. But I think it would be a fun experience to do. And its in Marquette. And I now have a Farely EX with more suspension travel than I ever had before.

So I will have to clear that weekend with my social director and if its good to go I will give this Enduro thing a try. All I need to make it a successful event is beat one rider.Pretty low expectations but at my age thats good enough to have fun.

Today is Farely day with three here and three coming later this week. In the store I set up “Farelyland” and display the bikes with all the fat bike accessories in one corner of the store.

It seem crazy that Im doing that already. Where did the summer go? Im making my winter inventory list today too. And I already have the winter clothing here (still in boxes).

My CC ski’s will start arriving in just four weeks. Nuts!

But Im ready for winter. Bring it!


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