Weekend Update

This weekend started out weird. Saturday morn I woke to get my hour and a half in before work. I look outside to see dry road and started the process of preparing for a road ride. Im about 90% done with that and I look out the window and its pouring. Cripes.


So I undo what I just did and head into work. About 3\4th thru the work day the sun comes out and I decide to take that ride after work after all. I take the bike down off the wall where it sleeps and get it ready. Tail lite and seat bag on. Set the pressures and go out to my car and get all my stuff to have ready to ride after work.

And 15 minutes later its pouring. Two strikes in one day. And I  acually did want to ride the road bike. And that was my Saturday.


Sunday was another day and three of us drove up to Green Bay to ride the trails at a County park called Reforestation Camp. I’ve done s few races here and its a fun place to ride. While the trails down by us were closed and wet they did not get all the rain we had up here. The trail were a little wet but not bad at all. It was a great ride and again just loved my Farely EX 29+. Every time Im on that bike I wonder why I would want to road ride anymore this fall.

Im not going to rant about the bike. You all know how I feel about that machine.

This morn is a glorious morn because its sunny and 60 degrees. I love these kind of mornings. Its been a hot muggy summer and its nice to not sweat before 8am. Makes for a good day.

Saw a ship on the way to the park this morn.


The US Burns Harbor is a bigg’en. And was way out there but I caught it.

Ive seen this one before.


Here she is all iced up in Milwaukee a few years ago. Waiting for spring.

So thats about it today. As for the store, thoughts of winter mode has been on my mind. Ski’s, snowshoes and fat bikes. Im getting a shipment of Farley’s this week and plan on building my fat bike display next week. Gatta stay ahead of the seasons….


2 thoughts on “Weekend Update

  1. I recently started following your blog. I have the Farley 9.6 and I want to have a spare + set up. I’ve seen you have ridden 29+ and 27+, which is your favorite? Most of the bike shops are pushing to go 27+.

    1. 29 is my fav. However 27,5 is the most practical as you can run a plus tire AND a 4in fat on the same rim (50mm). I do that all the time. But for me the taller 29+ is the most fun….

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