Another Friday(morn)

A busy Friday for me. A few repair bikes to get out. A few new bikes to build.

When I have a busy day set up I tend to not ride in the morning. Maybe just too much on my mind and I want a early start to get it all done. But I really should ride. A nice easy morning ride is always better for my mind than my body. The rides are usually about a hour and a half on the road or a hour in the woods.

And I always feel so much better mentally after. The day brightens. And when I have a full schedule Im sure it helps with a clearer mind.

But in the back of my mind I always think I need to get to work early and get going and while that does help with a busy day I usually end up done way early and think I could have done that ride no problem. I need to trust my instincts more and just ride.

Here’s the EX in fat mode and 29+ mode side by side.

I hope to get a couple hours in on the bike this weekend but again with more rain this aft. I havent seen the woods yet but Im sure there is standing water yet. It takes a few days to get ride of 3+ inches of rain. Plus more today.

With the store now closed Sundays is my day to travel a bit. I hope to just hit up some different trails that are 2 hours or less away. There are several. Right now its all about the woods. Soon we will be doing night rides. Well, not for a month and a half. Don’t want to rush this season. It’s the best time of the year. Next to winter.

Get outside. Have a good weekend.


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