Instead Of…

Today I officially pulled the plug on the Shuammy Fat Tire 40.  I canceled my so hard to get hotel  reservations that I had to beg to get up there that weekend. Of course I would have loved to be up there.

Obviously Im not in any shape to really care about results. And even tho riding out of Hayward with 1800 others is a real rush I just dont want to spend that kind of money on a mere bike ride. I think there is a thing where you can defer your entry to next year and I will look into that. With hotels and such the weekend would have been well over $500.

Instead, I am looking into heading up there at least twice when the trees are turning to trail ride. That is much more appealing to me. The hotels are cheaper.  While the race weekend has a great vibe to it for sure, sometimes I just want to have a few buds along and hook up with a couple locals and ride. Leave Friday morn, ride Friday aft, Saturday and Sunday morn. Thats a great weekend. It’s just a bit too far away to do just Saturday and Sunday. So three days in needed.  I am thinking late Sept and mid Oct. I’ll start planning it today.

Here is a amazing video from Trek on the Farely EX. This one took time and money.

How can you not love that bike! Filmed in Marquette!

This morning I just tooled around the park and noticed how empty it gets when the kids go back to school. Soon I will practicaly have the place to myself again and while I dont mind sharing its nice to just sit and reflect when the park is empty.


Except for this guy. He\she watched me the entire time I was there. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a Eagle in the park. Im sure they are around but in summer their hunting area is much bigger than winter when the inland lakes freeze over. Im sure I will see more in winter but this summer’s Eagle sighting have been way down. More than in other summers.

We had our first Tuesday Nite group ride rain out a few days ago and its not stopped raining since. Some area’s around here getting almost 3 inches of rain in the last 72 hours. Creeks are up. Some flooding. Looks like we will be kicked out of the woods a while. I might have to grab that road bike off the wall. I hope the trails are dried out by the weekend.

That’s about it for today.


1 thought on “Instead Of…

  1. I have to agree with. The older I get the less competitive I am. I still love riding my bikes, but can’t bring myself to pay for a chance to ride with 100’s of other testosterone ego filled maniacs. Specially when I can ride the course for free mostly by myself.

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