Long Weekend.


Another pretty sweet morning even tho its back to work.

I had a pretty good weekend riding wise anyway. Saturday I didnt ride at all. I usually ride in the morn but I was going to be alone at the store all day so I needed to get there early and all my ducks in a row before open. I did.

Sunday I had planned a small road trip somewhere just to get out of town and it was decided that Milwaukee was the destination. But before we left I did get in a good hour in the woods on the EX.


I stopped at the Milwaukee port to see a Federal ship. The Danube is from the Marshal Islands, wherever that is. I was never good at geography.


Its got one of those escape pods like the one seen on the movie Captain Phillips.

Im not sure how many people you can get in there but it seems not the entire crew? Plus, that sure looks like a long way down to the water. Must be quite the ride if used.

Anyway, before all this excitement I did get in a good ride in the morning and thats the main thing here.

Monday I got up and headed back out to Greenbush to ride some more. I gotta say the new bike has opened this trail back up to me. During that last two summers I’ve had only fat bikes to ride. Which is cool and all but the hardtail aspect of it had me stay away from this rocky trail system. Even when I ran the biggest tire it just was not enough to take away the beating I took. For two years I was there maybe twice. Now I was there twice in a week!


Enter the Farley EX (here now set up with 29+ and loving it) and Im able to ride those trails again.  I can’t say enough about the bike. And now with it in 29+ mode its even better. There is not much I can’t roll over pretty easily.

Sunday was the first time I can remember that I did all the loops out there. And I could have done them again. I dont know how many times Im going to say this but this is the perfect bike for me. One bike to rule them all. Summer or winter.

As time passes I am tweaking it a bit here and there. I changed out the seatpost and seat. Just to look cool. And… like I mentioned earlier am ordering Di2 for it. I really like the shifting and miss it. Not that X1 is bad but you get used to something I guess. Im looking for XT Di2 just cuz its a few bucks cheaper but its still not in stock so I might have to go XTR again. Really, it looks like the new XT stuff is about half the price of XTR and totally worth it. I’ll wait a few weeks and see where they are with that.

I brought my road bike home with me this weekend along with the EX and didn’t touch it. In fact I have not touched it in 3 weeks. Im sure I will not put a lot of time on it anymore maybe getting out for a ride or two before the snow flies.

Other than that its all EX all the time. I’ll try not to talk about it too much as Im sure Im sounding like a broken record ( a saying that dates me).

But tonite is the Tuesday nite MTB ride and I’ll be riding this one specific bike that I just got last week. You know the one.


Wa da ya think?

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