Im Out

Once again I load up my stuff and head to Marquette,MI for some riding of bikes in the woods. This time I took off the bigger 3.8 Hodags for the much smaller 2,8 Chupacabras.

And when I say smaller I mean it.


Here are the two different tires on the same rim. Smaller for summer and bigger for winter I guess. That’s why I went for the Easton ARC 45’s. 27.5 by 45mm. You can run your summer and your winter tire on the same wheel.

Sure, all you moster truck fat bikers will scream its got no float but that’s not true. In fact, the footprint is smaller by a few millimeters. And how often do I blaze trail in deep snow. Like never.

And this setup is lightning fast on the groomed trails, its the setup I had at the Birkie last March.

As for the summer tires, they are a bit too small in diameter for my taste. In fact they are smaller than a average 29er. Thats too small for me. But I’ll have them on for the Marquette trail riding this weekend. Should be fun. Shooting for my PR on Benson’s Grade ( A big hill) so will see how that go’s.

I’ll get ready and leave at first light. Im camping this weekend and there is rain in the forecast. Got rained out a couple weeks ago and I hope it doesn’t happen again.

Have a great weekend!


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