Win One, Lose One.


Nice visit to the park this morn. Took a few pics….

So here it is Thursday. And I’ve got some pretty exciting news. A buddy of mine is heading up to Marquette to camp a few days and has invited me to pirate his campsite Saturday nite and I think I will take him up on it.


It’s going to be a quickie so I leave early Saturday, get up there about noon and get a afternoon ride in. As a bonus there is a music festival going on Saturday nite and one of the Tall Ships is stopping in port for that. So thats should be nice.

Then get another nice ride in Sunday morn after I pack up and leave for home around noon, to make a dinner date at 5pm back home. How’s that for a busy weekend.

And will be the second time up there in two weeks! Rain in the forecast tho. I dont want to repeat two weeks ago when I spent pretty much the entire day looking out the hotel window at rain.

If it looks bad I can for sure bail.

Im going take off the 3.8 Hodags and put the 2.8 Chupacabras back on the Farley. That should liven up the ride up there. Practice my tail whips on the South trails.

Alas, there is some give and take. Ive decided to scrap the Shuammy Fat Tire 40 in three weeks. While I will lose my $70 registration I just dont want to spend the $500 for that weekend. Id rather wait a few more weeks, hotels get way cheaper, the crowds are down and just head up for some trail riding. Sometime in Oct and Nov. I’ll get up there for sure, just not on race weekend.

Id better get to work. I’ll post pics of the tire swap tomorrow.


Wa da ya think?

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