Not much to say today. Rainy morn had me in the store early so its going to be a long day.

Did the Tuesday nite dirt ride last nite. It was OK.

I need to put my Farely up for sale and I’ve decided to sell it with the Di2. I really like it and had planned on putting it on the next bike but I just dont have the time to make the switch.

Its more than just shifter\derailer. It’s handlebar and stem, steer tube battery and more. Anyway, the next bike I want to try XT Di2 anyway.

And Im still on the fence about the EX Farely. I mean, Im sure I’ll like it but I dont know if I want to haul all that around all winter when Im on groomed trails. In the summer its a no brainer. But is heading into fall and soon there will be snow.

EX Farley

Maybe I should get the 9.9 for winter, sell that next spring and get a 27.5 plus EX for summer.

EX 27.5 plus

Modern day bike store owner problems. The Farley 9.9 will be much nicer in the winter than the the Farely EX.

The 27.5+ EX would be much nicer in the summer than the 9.9 or the Farely EX.

Now before you say you dont feel sorry for me for this problem (and you shouldn’t), I do have to eventually pay for these bikes. And I still have to sell them when done. And I can’t get another until my current is sold so there is that.

Now, remember I can put 27.5+ or even 29+ on the Farley which would be pretty much the same as the summer EX.

So I will remain confused as to what I want to do here. To throw another one in, getting the 9.9 for winter would be just like keeping the bike I have. Same frame. Just new HED 27.5 wheels. So get the wheels and I already have a 9.9. With Di2. Cripes.

Farley 9.9 with 27.5 HED wheels and Eagle driveline.

But Treks demo program want me to get the latest and greatest and makes it very easy for me to do so. Its a perk I need to keep taking advantage of.

I guess I’ll have to sleep on this a bit more. Like a kid in a candy store.


Wa da ya think?

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