Im pretty big on procrastination. Not for anything important. But I let a million little things build up and then one day I swoop in and take care of everything.

Today is not one of those days. This weekend was another procrastination in bike riding.

This morning was a very nice visit to the park. I lingered to the point of almost being too late to open the store. It’s a very nice day. Cool enough to wear arm warmers if you can believe it. I think the dog days of summer are winding down and we are looking at the beginning of the best riding season soon.

So let’s go back to Saturday. Once again I had all my gear laid out and ready to go in the morning but when I woke up I had no ambition whatsoever. And like Friday morn I was let off the mental hook as it was once again rainy. It pretty much rained on and off all day so I ditched the plans for racing on Sunday (what was I thinking anyway).

But I did plan on a road ride on Sunday. I got to work at 10am, hung around for a couple hours, then grabbed the road bike and went home. That was at 1pm. When I got home I jumped on the couch and watched the Olympic MTB race that I recorded a few hours earlier. That was a mistake. I didn’t get off the couch till 5pm, then went out to cut my grass for an hour.

I finally got on my bike at 615pm (remember I was going to ride at 1pm) and did get in a solid hour. Somedays its just so mentally hard to  suit up to ride. But once Im on the bike Im always glad I did. And I was.

I did not ride the road bike for two weeks to the day, and did not ride any bike for a week to the day. Sometimes real life just gets in the way. I guess I can’t complain about my bike fitness when my riding is so little. And I won’t.

I hope to get more riding in on the bike this week starting with the Tuesday nite MTB ride. I really need to unload my Farely as my new one is days away and I have procrastinated in getting that word out. I will this week.


Wa da ya think?

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