Rainy Friday

I had planned a ride this morn but got rained out. I am planning to pre ride Sundays race course Saturday afternoon but also 70% chance of rain. Im going to have to throw out the disclaimer: I dont race demo bikes in mud. So Sunday’s race is on the bubble.

And thats not all


bad. My hour race will cost me $44. That’s almost two nights camping in Marquette. One needs to keep things in perspective and try to get the biggest bang out of your outdoor
activity fun. I’ll make the race decision around 3pm tomorrow.

As for store stuff the fat bikes are ready to ship. Almost all of them. The only one not in yet is my EX9.8. Any day now.

That thing is going to be a beast on the trails. Not so much in the winter I guess but in the summer it will dominate the rocky trails we have around here. The absolute perfect bike for me up in Marquette or Copper Harbor.

As soon as it gets here I must set up some riding up in those towns before the snow flies and really ride the way that bikes is intended for.

And I’ll need to sell the one I have now. My Domane is already for sale. If you’re interested in a 56cm SLR 7.

So if I dont race I’ll most likely road ride at some point this weekend. It’s been almost 2 weeks since. And I have a few rides left on the Domane anyway.

Have a good weekend.


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